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We pursue the creation and encouragement of new ideas with the sole purpose of advancing research, promoting education and increasing awareness in all fields related to art and culture. We aim to do these things through different and multiple approaches that result in actionable solutions.


Our primary objective is to place ourselves as a timeless centrepiece between innovative research and the artistic world. A juncture where both meet and result in lasting, deeper connections between people and the different cultural landscapes in existence. We hope this will generate a reaction where art becomes a vehicle to raise awareness, acceptance and social change.


We solely want to promote artistic awareness and innovative research. To do so, we hold certain values above all, such as:

  • Inclusion: We believe in respecting any tradition, heritage, and experience as necessary to accomplish what we are set to achieve. An inclusive environment is the proper way to do it.
  • Passion: We vehemently believe in the arts as a living echo of our cultural heritage and our common and shared histories.
  • Diversity: We celebrate diversity -in all forms and shapes- just as much as we acknowledge individuality as a fundamental piece in society and culture.
  • Community: We think of the arts and culture as necessary tools to strengthen and enrich the fabric of community life.
  • Responsibility: We operate a socially responsible organization. Our behavior and interactions are a reflection of that — professional, effective, and sustainable.

Our goals:


Art and culture have a fundamental position in society. They define who we are as people, and nurture a healthy lifestyle. We hope to keep these incredibly important elements active in the public mind.

-Add value

We seek to raise awareness and improve the expertise, skills, knowledge, and understanding of everything related to the arts and culture.

We believe indigenous, contemporary and modern arts as the most valuable instruments we have to expand creative horizons. The vehicles to do so are paintings, artists, museums and artwork.


Building close relationships with a plethora of academic and corporate organizations and individuals. Maintaining strategic partnerships with stakeholders involved in art, culture, and education.

-Opportunity creation

Create a bridge for people to participate in, experience and enjoy artistic and cultural creations. Connect the different parties related to the fields of arts and culture through networking, partnerships and mutual collaboration.


Through the promotion of the arts, we hope to raise environmental awareness and promote improvement over innovation and sustainability in society’s practices.